Change to another category of registration

​​​​The Teacher Registration Act 2012 (Act) allows you to move from one category of registration to another depending on your specific circumstances. 

Please refer to the type of registration you currently hold to understand your change of category options:

Holders of Provisional Registration

Holders of Non-Pr​​​actising Registration ​​​

Holders of Full Registration

For applicants changing between registration categories there is a fee, with the exception of changing category to Non-Practising Registration.  Please refer to the Schedule of Fees for more information.

Continuance of registration

It is important that your application to change to another category of registration be submitted as soon as possible.

If you submit your application to transition less than 28 days prior to the expiry of your current registration, the TRBWA cannot guarantee that your application will be finalised prior to the expiry of your current registration period.

The TRBWA aims to process applications for registration as quickly as practicable. Some applications, however, may take longer depending on their complexity.

If your current registration expires, your name will be removed from the Register of Teachers and you will no longer be able to teach in an educational institution in Western Australia until you are granted teacher registration. Please note that under section 6 of the Act it is an offence to teach whilst unregistered.