The Teacher Registration Board has a series of forms available for your use. The TRBWA will only accept current versions of application forms, which are listed below, so please make sure you are using the latest version when applying.

Full Registration

Application for Renewal of Full Registration (eForm-via Teacher Login)

Application for Transition to Full Registration from another Registration Category (eForm-via Teacher Login)

Application for Full Registration (eForm)- (only for NEW applicants in this category, NOT for transitioning)

Provisional Registration

Application for Renewal of Provisional Registration

Application for Provisional Registration (eForm) - (only for NEW applicants in this category to complete)

Application for Provisional Registration (Final Year Students) - (eForm-via Teacher Login)

Non-Practising Registration

Application for Non-Practising Registration - Intending to Teach (eForm-via Teacher Login)

Application for Non-Practising Registration - Not Intending to Teach (eForm-via Teacher Login)

Application to extend the period of Non-Practising Registration

Notice of Teaching

Limited Registration

Notice of Intention to Apply for Limited Registration

Application for Limited Registration

Application for the Renewal of Limited Registration

Criminal Record Check

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Application and Informed Consent Form

Mutual Recognition

Notice of Mutual Recognition

Other forms

Change of name notification

Cover Sheet - Direct Submission of Evidence - Meeting the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level

Notice of Teaching (Non-Practising Registration)

Request for Qualification Advice

Request for Fit and Proper Advice

Request for Cancellation of Registration


Section 38 notice from teacher (Order or Conviction)

Section 40 notice from teacher (WWC)

Section 41 notice from WAPOL or DPP

Section 42 notice from employer

If you would like to complete a paper copy of any of the eForm applications, please call (08) 9223 9100 or email