Who needs to be registered in WA?

The Teacher Registration Act 2012 (Act) requires all teachers who are teaching in Western Australian schools and other educational venues to be registered with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA).

Teaching means to undertake duties in an educational venue that includes:

  • the delivery of an educational programme designed to deliver a prescribed curriculum and the assessment of student participation in such an educational programme; or
  • the administration of any such educational programme.

An educational venue means any of the following:

  • all government and non-government schools
  • community kindergartens
  • child care centres (a place where a child care service as defined in the Child Care Services Act 2007 Section 4 is provided)
  • a place where centre-based services operate as defined in the Education and Care Services National Law (Western Australia) Act 2012, essentially long day care
  • a juvenile detention centre.
All teachers teaching in the above educational venues must be registered.

People not required to be registered

Generally teachers not teaching a prescribed curriculum or who are not teaching in an educational venue are not required to be registered with the TRBWA, although they may obtain registration if eligible.

Teachers in venues not listed above, such as TAFE, universities, private coaching colleges, volunteer tutoring programs or providing home tutoring are not required to register, although they may obtain registration if eligible.

'Teaching' does not include the duties performed by:

  • a teacher's aide
  • a teacher's assistant
  • a student teacher on practicum placement
  • a care giver in childcare centre
  • teacher educators in universities
  • officers of employer/sector heads (Department of Education, Catholic Education Western Australia, the Association of Independent Schools of WA)
  • TAFE lecturers
  • education officers based in settings other than schools
  • officers of education unions or professional associations
  • tutors
  • home school moderators.

A person who tutors, coaches or teaches an extra-curricular subject is also not considered to be teaching for the purpose of the Act.

A person who is a trainer and assessor as defined within the Australian Quality Training Framework or the Commonwealth's Standards for National VET Regulation Registered Training Organisations (2011), delivering Vocational Education and Training courses is not required to be registered. This is the also the case if they are working in a school.

The following guides provide further clarification for specific groups of people:

Guide for school psychologists

Guide for religious education teachers