Update your contact details

The following information will assist with updating your contact details.

Change your name

Follow the steps below to change your name as it appears on the Register of Teachers:

1. Login to Teacher Login.

2. Select the ‘Change my Name’ or ‘Change Name’ tab.

3. Complete the ‘Change of Name Notification’ form.

4. Upload evidence of your name change, e.g. Marriage or Change of Name Certificate issued by a State or Territory Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

5. Select ‘Submit Request’.


Change your email address

Follow the steps below to change your email address:

1. Login to Teacher Login using the email address you have recorded with us.

2. Select the ‘View and Update my Contact Details’ or ‘Contact Details’ tab. 

3. To change your Login/Preferred email address, select the edit icon to the right of the Login/Preferred email address field.

4. When the ‘Change Email’ box appears, enter your new email address and select ‘send verification code’. An email with a code will be sent to your new email address. You will need to enter this code into the change of address box to confirm the changes.


Change your residential address, postal address or telephone number

Follow the steps below to change your addresses or telephone numbers:

1. Login to Teacher Login.

2. Select ‘View and Update my Contact Details or ‘Contact Details’.

3. To change your addresses, select ‘Update Address’.

4. When the address box appears, enter your new address and select ‘Save Changes’.

5. To change your telephone numbers, enter your new telephone number into the relevant field and select ‘Save Changes’.


Alternatively, you can telephone the TRBWA on 08 9223 9100 and a Customer Service Officer will update your email, address and telephone details after completing a security check.