Notifications to the Board

Section 42 of the Teacher Registration Act 2012  (Act) requires employers of registered teachers to notify the Board, of any investigation (even if not completed), where the employer is of the opinion that there was reason to believe that a teacher has engaged in serious misconduct or has been seriously incompetent, that results in a teacher:

  • being suspended at the educational venue; or
  • being dismissed from teaching at the educational venue; or
  • resigning from the educational venue; or
  • no longer teaching at, or being moved from the educational venue.

Notifications must be given within 30 days after the teacher was suspended, dismissed or ceased teaching at the educational venue. Failure to comply may incur a penalty of $5000.

Notifications are to contain the following information:

  • the teacher's full name
  • the teacher's registration category
  • the teacher's registration number
  • the date the investigation commenced and the reasons it was commenced
  • the decision, if any, reached by the employer as a result of the investigation and the reasons for the decision.

Note that, regulation 26(5) of the Teacher Registration (General) Regulations 2012  protects employers from any civil liability as a result of providing this information to the Board.

Section 42 notice from employer

For further information, please refer to the Employer obligations: Notifying the Board information sheet or contact the Assistant Director, Investigations and Compliance on (08) 9230 0601 or