Renew a Limited Registration

If an employer requires the continued services of a Limited Registered teacher they may apply to renew the Limited Registration, if the teaching position and the qualifications/skills required to undertake the duties continue to be the same.

To ensure continuation of Limited Registration, you should apply to renew the registration at least 28 days before it expires.

If the application for renewal of registration is submitted more than 28 days before the registration expiry date, the nominated teacher will continue to be registered until the application is finalised.

If the application is submitted less than 28 days before the expiry date, the registration may expire before the renewal is finalised.

Note: You must download and complete the 'Applicant' section (Section 2) of the Application for Renewal of Limited Registration form. The teacher must complete the 'Teacher' section (Section 1) of of the Application for Renewal of Limited Registration form and the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) Application and Informed Consent Form.

Once the nominated teacher has printed, completed and signed the NCCHC form, please email it to the TRBWA, together with the completed Application for Renewal of Limited Registration form, copies of identity documents and supporting documentation required for the application.

The TRBWA will confirm receipt of the application by email, and will provide you with an invoice for payment.

To avoid delays, please take care when checking the completeness of the application.