Applying for accreditation

​​The Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (​​TRBWA), under the Teacher Registration Act 2012,  is responsible for the administration of an accreditation scheme for initial teacher education (ITE) programs in Western Australia.

At the December 2015 Education Council meeting, State and Territory Education Ministers agreed to a revised national approach to the accreditation of ITE programs. Consequently, from 5 August 2016, the Western Australian Standards for the Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs apply. ​

Applications may be made to the TRBWA for the accreditation of a program, and through this process, education providers are required to demonstrate that the accreditation standards have been met. The application fee for the accreditation of an initial teacher education program is $2,142.50 per program submitted. Programs approved for accreditation are accredited by the TRBWA for a period not exceeding 5 years.

A list of accredited ITE programs delivered by Western Australian providers can be found here

A list of all accredited ITE programs delivered throughout Australia can be found on the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) website.

For further information on the accreditation process please contact:

Senior Qualifications Officer
(08) 9223 9128