Registration categories

The Teacher Registration Act 2012 (Act) creates four categories of teacher registration in Western Australia.

If you currently hold teacher registration in any other Australian State or Territory or New Zealand, you may be eligible to apply for registration with the TRBWA through Mutual Recognition. Further Information is available on the Mutual Recognition page. 

Full Registration

Full Registration is a category suitable for teachers who are currently teaching or have recent teaching experience in Australia/New Zealand.

You can apply for Full Registration if you:

Provisional Registration

Provisional Registration is a category suitable for recent graduate teachers.

You can apply for Provisional Registration if:

  • within the last 5 years, you have graduated with a teaching qualification from an accredited initial teacher education (ITE) program accredited by an Australian or New Zealand teacher regulatory authority (undergraduate ITE programs must be a minimum of 4 years in duration, and post-graduate ITE programs must be a minimum of one year in duration);
  • you are a fit and proper person to be a teacher in Western Australia.

Non-Practising Registration

Non-Practising Registration is suitable for teachers who are not able to meet the Professional Standards requirements for registration.

It is a valid category of registration and, as is the case for Provisional and Full Registration, allows the teacher to teach with no restrictions or limits upon their registration.

You can apply for Non-Practising Registration if you:

Limited Registration

If you do not meet the qualification requirements for Full, Provisional and Non-Practising Registration you may be eligible for Limited Registration.

The category of Limited Registration was created to allow employers the ability to employ suitably qualified people who are not registered teachers to fill specific teaching roles when needed.

To be eligible for the grant of Limited Registration, the nominee (teacher) must:

  • have the required skills, expertise and/or qualification(s) for the duties of the teaching position offered
  • have the English language skills required for teachers in Western Australia
  • be a fit and proper person to be registered.