Cancellation of Registration

1. What is the difference between expiry of registration and cancellation of registration?

Your registration will expire at the end of your registration period if you do not submit an application to renew it.

Your registration may be cancelled at any time during your registration period if you fail to meet your obligations as a registered teacher. The most common reason for cancellation of registration is for non-payment of the annual fee. All registered teachers are required to pay the annual fee by 31 March each year. The annual fee is separate from the registration fee. Please see question 2 below for more reasons.


2. Why would the TRBWA cancel my registration?

The TRBWA will only cancel your registration for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of the annual fee
  • Failure to provide the Board consent to obtain a criminal history check
  • The qualification that enabled you to gain registration has been withdrawn, cancelled or found to be fraudulent
  • Matters relating to fit and proper assessment.


If your registration has been cancelled, please contact us on 08 9223 9100 to discuss your case.


3. My registration has been cancelled for non-payment of fees. What do I need to do to be able to teach again in Western Australia?

If you wish to be registered again in Western Australia, you will need to submit a new online application for registration, pay the appropriate registration fee and provide consent for the TRBWA to undertake a criminal history check.

Should you, however, believe that extenuating circumstances prevented you from paying the annual fee before the due date, you may request in writing that the Board consider your circumstances and reinstate your registration. For more information, please refer to the TRBWA Cancellation and Reinstatement for the Non-Payment of Annual Fees policy and the Extenuating Circumstances for Cancellation and Reinstatement Policy.

If you are currently teaching and urgently require registration to continue teaching, your employer may wish to consider making an application for Limited Registration on your behalf. Limited Registration allows a teacher to be registered to teach immediately. The application involves the submission of two documents by the employer. For more information please refer to Limited Registration in the Becoming Registered section of the TRBWA website at

4. Can I request cancellation of my registration?

Yes. For example, if you retire or move overseas and/or no longer wish to teach in Western Australia, you may request cancellation of your registration. Your request will need to be made in writing using the ‘Request for Cancellation of Registration’ form available via Teacher Login.


However, if there is a possibility that you may return to teaching in WA or you wish to undertake relief teaching in the future, you may wish to maintain your current registration or move to the registration category of Non-Practising (Not Intending to Teach) instead.


Non Practising (Not Intending to Teach) will enable you to retain your teacher registration indefinitely or until you decide to return to teaching. It is important to remember, even though you may not be teaching, you will still need to meet your obligations as a registered teacher, including paying the annual fee. You are not required to meet any other practice related requirements whilst holding Non-Practising (Not Intending to Teach). If however, you return to teaching, you are required to notify the TRBWA within 14 days of commencement. Please refer to Non-Practising Registration for more details.


5. Should I stay registered if I am no longer living in WA?

If you intend to teach in another State or Territory, or in New Zealand, maintaining your registration in WA may assist you to gain registration as a teacher through Mutual Recognition. Your registration with the TRBWA will need to be current at the time you apply for registration with the other State or Territory or New Zealand.

It is important to remember, however, that if you choose to maintain your teacher registration, even though you may not be teaching, you will still need to meet your obligations as a registered teacher, including paying the annual fee.


6. What happens to my registration if I retire from my teaching position?

If you retire from your teaching position, your employer is not required to inform the TRBWA. This means your registration will remain current and you will continue to receive automated notifications including, if relevant, cancellation correspondence as part of the Non-Payment of fees cancellation process, until you notify the TRBWA.


Your teacher registration is not dependant on you holding a teaching position. Therefore, even if you have retired from a permanent teaching position, you may wish to retain your current registration if there is a likelihood you could return to teaching or undertake relief work. Alternatively, you may consider moving to the registration category of Non-Practising (Not Intending to Teach). For more information on Non-Practising Registration, click here.