About the Board

The Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) was established by the Teacher Registration Act 2012 (Act). The TRBWA came into operation on 7 December 2012 to replace the Western Australian College of Teaching.

Functions of the Board

The TRBWA's role is determined by the Act. Its primary functions are to:

  • register and re-register those persons who meet all legal requirements to be teachers in Western Australia
  • take action against those who teach without being registered, employers who employ unregistered teachers, and registered teachers who are no longer entitled to be registered
  • administer the disciplinary and impairment review processes
  • accredit initial teacher education programs (ITEPs) delivered by Western Australian institutions.

In performing its functions the Board is required to:

To access the current TRBWA Strategic Plan, please click here.

Further information about the Board

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