Teaching in a centre-based education and care service

​​​​The Teacher Registration Act 2012 requires that all teachers who teach from early childhood to Year 12, in an educational venue in Western Australia, must hold teacher registration with the TRBWA.

This includes those who are teaching in centre-based education and care services such as long day care and child care centres.

For those early childhood teachers intending to teach in a school, please refer to the 'Becoming Registered' section of the TRBWA website.

Do I need to be registered as a teacher?

You will require to be registered as a teacher if you:

  • hold an approved early childhood teaching qualification, or are actively working towards an approved early childhood teaching qualification; and
  • are teaching as defined by the Teacher Registration Act (2012).

Note that for the purposes of teacher registration with the TRBWA you are considered to be teaching if in your role you:

  • undertake duties that include the delivery of an educational programme as part of the Early Years Learning Framework, or another prescribed early years curriculum, and the assessment of student participation in that educational programme in a centre; or
  • have responsibility/oversight for the development and implementation (the administration) of the educational programme delivered in a centre.

Note also that, in an early childhood context, you are not considered to be teaching and therefore do not need to be registered as a teacher if:

  • your role only involves assisting in the delivery of a program but not assessment; or
  • your sole responsibility is to provide care and support to the children.

Teacher registration requirements

There are four categories of registration:

If you require to be registered as a teacher , but have not yet completed your early childhood teaching qualification, it is unlikely that you will be able to meet the registration requirements for Full, Provisional or Non-Practising Registration at this time.

Your employer, therefore, will need to apply to the TRBWA on your behalf for Limited Registration. On completion of your early childhood teaching qualification you may be eligible to apply for Provisional Registration.

More information about the requirements for teacher registration, the different registration categories and how to apply may be found on the TRBWA website through the requirements for registration page.