Current holders of Provisional Registration

From 19 December 2023, the category of Provisional Registration has two sub-categories:

Provisional Registration

Sub Category


Graduate Teacher

Teachers who were conferred an Australian or New Zealand ITE qualification within five years of making their application

Returning Teacher

Teachers who were conferred an Australian or New Zealand ITE qualification greater than five years from making their application

Overseas qualified teachers with a teaching qualification and teaching experience that the Board considers is sufficient to enable the person to hold registration as a teacher

Renewing Provisional Registration

It is generally expected that a teacher holding Provisional Registration will make an application for Full Registration before their Provisional Registration expires.

Where this does not occur, the Board can renew a teacher’s Provisional Registration if there are sufficient reasons for doing so.  If you would like to apply to the Board to consider your situation, please complete and submit the  Application for Renewal of Provisional Registration online form available through Teacher Login.  Please refer to the Consideration of Sufficient Reasons for Registration Policy for more information.

If your Provisional Registration expires, and you have not made an application to move to another category of registration, you will no longer be entitled to teach and will need to make a new application for teacher registration.

Where the Board has agreed there are sufficient reasons to renew a teacher’s Provisional Registration:

  1. A teacher who holds Provisional Registration (Graduate Teacher) will be able to apply to renew their registration if they completed an Australian or New Zealand accredited ITE qualification within five years of making their application.
  2. A teacher who completed an Australian or New Zealand accredited ITE qualification more than five years from the date of the application, can apply to renew to the category of Provisional Registration (Returning Teacher).

How to apply to change category to Full Registration

Teachers who hold Provisional Registration must apply to transition to Full Registration at least 28 days prior to the expiry of their registration, to ensure their registration continues until the assessment of their application is finalised.

To be eligible for Full Registration, you must be able to demonstrate that you have:

Meeting the Professional Standards is generally based on an assessment of evidence at the school/workplace level and is verified by a declaration from an appropriate person. The declaration must be against a range of substantive evidence and must demonstrate that all of the Professional Standards have been met.

To assist you in preparing for your application to transition to Full Registration, you may wish to conduct a self-audit using the AITSL self assessment tool.  This is an online questionnaire enabling teachers at all Career Stages, in a range of contexts, to reflect upon their practice in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers  (The Professional Standards for Teachers in Western Australia are a modification of these standards).

To move to Full Registration, please complete a Change of Category to Full Registration (online form) available via Teacher Login.

Once you have completed all sections of your online form application, uploaded copies of your identity documents and supporting evidence, you may submit your online form application. You will receive an email acknowledgement from the TRBWA when your application has been successfully submitted.

To avoid delays, please take care when checking the completeness of your application. 

When evidencing that the Professional Standards have been met, teachers are required to take account of all the focus areas and level descriptors under each of the seven standards.                 

The TRBWA does not prescribe the ways in which a teacher is to meet the Professional Standards at the Proficient Career Stage.  However, a Transition to Full Registration Guide to Evidencing the Professional Standards at the Proficient Career Stage has been developed by the TRBWA to assist teachers in collecting and assessing evidence to demonstrate that they have met the Professional Standards at the Proficient Career Stage.

For further information please refer to the Professional Standards Policy.

In circumstances where an applicant is unable to obtain a declaration from an appropriate person, the TRBWA may accept direct submissions of evidence.  For example, teachers who are without permanent employment and whose teaching opportunities have come from periods of casual employment or temporary contracts across a number of educational institutions.

Additionally, the direct submission pathway may be utilised by teachers in centre based educational and care services who do not have direct access to an appropriate person (e.g. Nominated Supervisor or their delegate) who holds Full Registration.

Please refer to ‘Information for Applicants – Direct Submission of Evidence’ for further information.