Impairment review committee

​The Board is required to establish an impairment review committee with three members.


The impairment review committee must include

  • a registered teacher
  • a medical practitioner
  • a Board member

One person may satisfy two criteria.

This committee deals with impairment matters referred to it by the Board.

Impairment matters are described here.

Powers and procedures

The impairment review committee can only deal with an impairment matter if the teacher concerned is currently registered and gives their consent. The impairment review committee can order a medical examination and report. If the teacher refuses to take a medical examination, the impairment review committee can recommend that the Board refers the matter to the State Administrative Tribunal​.

The impairment review committee will use as little formality and technicality as possible.

The impairment review committee may dismiss a matter, recommend the Board refers it to the State Administrative Tribunal or request a teacher to consent to one of the following:

  • the imposition of conditions on their registration
  • suspension of registration for up to 2 years
  • undergo counselling specified by the impairment review committee.

If the teacher consents, the impairment review committee will recommend that the Board confirms the order.

Teachers may ask the impairment review committee to recommend that the Board imposes or modifies a condition on their registration. If agreement is reached, the Board will impose or modify the condition.