To be registered as a teacher in Western Australia you must hold a teaching qualification from an accredited initial teacher education (ITE) program or a qualification that the Board recognises as equivalent. 

Overseas qualifications 

Overseas qualifications will not appear as an accredited ITE program. The Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) will, however, assess an overseas qualification for equivalency. Please see Teaching Qualifications - Full, Provisional and Non-Practising Registration policy for more information.

The TRBWA will note a Skills Assessment Certificate from AITSL of an applicant's qualification(s), undertaken for Department of Immigration and Citizenship purposes, which state the qualification(s) meet their requirements for the nominated occupation of early childhood (Pre-primary school) teacher, Primary school teacher, Middle school teacher and Secondary school teacher. However, the TRBWA will complete its own assessment to determine if the qualification(s) is equivalent to an accredited ITE program.

Qualifications advice prior to submitting a registration application

If you are uncertain if your qualifications meet the requirements for teacher registration, you may seek advice from the TRBWA, using the approved form below, before applying for registration.

It is important to note that the assessment undertaken for the Request for Qualification Advice is only in relation to qualifications.  All other registration requirements such as English language competency and fit and proper will only be assessed when an application for registration is received.

Form - Request for Qualification advice (online form via Teacher Login)

Teaching Qualifications - Full, Provisional and Non-Practising Registration policy.

There is a fee associated with a Request for Qualification Advice as listed in the Schedule of Fees.