Leaving teaching

If you are considering leaving teaching and you might return to teaching in the future, either part-time or full-time or as a relief teacher, you may wish to consider maintaining your registration with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA).

If you wish to leave teaching but maintain your registration you can:

  • apply for Non-Practising Registration​ - Not Intending to Teach. Non-Practising Registration allows you to retain teacher registration with the TRBWA indefinitely as long as you are not actively teaching, continue to pay the annual fee and comply with your obligations as a registered teacher. When you start teaching, you must advise the TRBWA by submitting the Notice of Teaching (online form) available via Teacher Login, within 14 days of starting to teach.  Your registration will expire 2 years from that date, in which time, you may make an application for Full or Provisional Registration. Non-Practising Registration may be extended if there are extenuating circumstances.

If you decide not to maintain registration and let your registration expire, when/if you decide to return to teaching in the future, you will be required to apply again for teacher registration. 

You will have to wait until your application has been approved before you can commence to teach again.

To teach immediately, your employer may make an Application for Limited Registration on your behalf.

I wish to cancel my registration

If you wish to cancel your registration, you should advise the TRBWA in writing using the Request for Cancellation of Registration Form (online form via-Teacher Login) and forward it to the TRBWA.

This will stop you receiving correspondence from the TRBWA from the date the notification is processed.