Board members


Under the Teacher Registration Act 2012, all seven Board members are appointed by the Minister. One member must be an Australian lawyer and at least three are to be currently registered teachers. The Minister also nominates the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.

The seven Board members appointed by the Minister are: 

Margaret Collins (Chairperson) Former Regional Executive Director South Metropolitan Region, WA Department of Education Appointed to:6 March 2023
Ron Dullard (Deputy Chairperson) Former Director of Catholic Education in WA Appointed to 6 March 2023
Peter Collins Vice Principal at Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook Appointed to 6 December 2020
Jeremy Bruse Associate Principal, School and Community Statewide Services - Alternative Learning Settings Appointed to 6 December 2020
Julie Woodhouse Principal, Butler Primary School Appointed to 6 March 2021
Kate Offer Assistant Professor, School of Law, The University of Western Australia Appointed to 6 March 2021
Nicole Brown ​Deputy Associate Principal Primary School, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School Appointed to 6 March 2022