Professional learning

It is a requirement of teacher registration that a teacher completes sufficient professional learning to maintain the currency of their professional competence.

As part of the renewal of registration application process, a teacher is required to declare that they have met this obligation. Evidence may be requested by the TRBWA to support this declaration.

It is generally expected that professional learning claimed for the renewal of registration, is over and above the normal expectations of a teacher's role and responsibilities (including preparation, planning, programming and assessment and reporting) and aims to improve the teacher's knowledge, practice and competencies as set out in the Professional Standards for Teachers in Western Australia.

The requirement to undertake a minimum amount of professional learning, since the registration was last granted or renewed, applies to all registered teachers. For a teacher who has gained registration with the TRBWA through Mutual Recognition, they may also include any professional learning completed in the other State or Territory or New Zealand since the registration was last granted or renewed.

Should a teacher not be able to fulfil this requirement as part of the renewal process they are able to submit a request to the Board for consideration of extenuating circumstances.

The minimum number of hours of professional learning activities that will be required for the renewal of teacher registration are as follows:

Registration category Minimum number of hours of professional learning activities required to be completed
Full Registration 100 hours
Limited or Provisional Registration granted for 3 years 60 hours
Limited or Provisional Registration granted for less than 3 years Calculated on a pro rata basis for the period since the registration was last granted or renewed, to the date of application at the rate of 20 hours for each year


Professional Learning Activities

Professional learning activities can be either formal and/or informal.

Formal activities can include:

  • activities offered by professional development providers such as workshops, seminars, online learning
  • school-based and employer-provided professional development including professional development days, action research projects, mentoring a junior colleague
  • giving conference or workshop presentations or writing for publication

Informal activities can include:

  • professional reading
  • professional or collegiate meetings dedicated to teacher professional learning or requiring reflection on professional practice
  • participation in the development of policy or practice within the educational venue or a wider context

The selection of activities is at the discretion of the individual teacher subject to the requirement:

  • that each claimed activity is clearly directly related to at least one of the elements of the Professional Standards and
  • that relationship has been articulated in the evidence collected and retained by the teacher.

The Professional Learning Activities (for the renewal of registration) Policy details the requirements for professional learning and provides an example on how this may be recorded.

Recording Professional Learning Activities

It is recommended that teachers maintain a log of their learning activities.

You may continue to update your professional learning activities using the Professional Learning Log that is currently available through Teacher Login. ​