National criminal history checks

All applicants to the TRBWA for teacher registration (including the renewal of registration and the change to another registration category) are required to provide consent for a national criminal history check. National criminal history checks are undertaken on behalf of the TRBWA by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

Proof of identity requirements

Applicants must provide four identity documents to process a national criminal history check. The four documents must comply with the ACIC requirements and applicants are required to provide:

one document from the list of Commencement of identity documents

one document from the list of Primary use in the community documents

two documents from the list of Secondary use in the community documents.

The combined identity documents must contain the applicant's:

·         full name

·         date of birth

·         photograph.

Please refer to the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Application and Informed Consent Form  for a list of the identity documents that may meet the minimum proof of identity requirements.

Applicants who are unable to meet the minimum proof of identity requirements, please contact the TRBWA for further advice.

Verification of an applicant's identity

As part of the ACIC requirements, the TRBWA is also required to verify the identity of the person making the application.

For all applicants for teacher registration (including the renewal of registration and transition to another category), the verification will occur, via one of the following methods:

·         An authorised third party - those applicants unable to attend the TRBWA office can seek an authorised third party to verify their identity. For the purposes of teacher registration, an authorised third party is an occupation or person as listed in the Statutory Declaration Regulations 2018. A list of authorised third parties is provided here.

·         In person (by appointment only) - applicants attend the TRBWA office in person. 

To verify an applicant's identity, the TRBWA or an authorised third party will make a visual comparison between an applicant and the original photo identification document they used as part of their application. If it is unable to be established that an applicant is the person represented in the photo identification, additional photo identification may be requested.

The verification process through the in person method is undertaken on an appointment only basis. The TRBWA will contact applicants as part of the application process to arrange for an appointment.

Applicants who are unable to complete the identity verification process through one of the methods outlined above, please contact the TRBWA for further advice.

Disputing the results of national criminal history checks

Where an applicant has been provided with the result of a check, they are asked to confirm it is correct. If the result contains incorrect information, the TRBWA will initiate a dispute on their behalf, (with the ACIC), with the aim of correcting the record.