Mutual recognition

The Australian Government and state and territory governments have agreed to introduce a uniform scheme for the automatic mutual recognition (AMR) of occupational registrations. Please note that the current status of AMR, as it relates to the registration of teachers in WA, is that there is no change to existing mutual recognition arrangements. 

If you currently hold teacher registration in any other Australian State or Territory or New Zealand, you may be eligible to apply for registration with the TRBWA through Mutual Recognition. More Information can be found in the TRBWA Mutual Recognition Policy

If registration is granted by the TRBWA, the period of registration will match your current registration period held in the other Australian State or Territory or New Zealand.

It is therefore important to check the expiry date:

  • to ensure your interstate or New Zealand registration remains current while the TRBWA processes your application; and
  • as a reminder for when you will need to prepare to renew your registration.
To maintain registration with the TRBWA you will need to apply to renew that registration at least 28 days prior to the expiry date. This will ensure that you continue to be registered while your application is finalised.

If your current registration will expire in the next 6 months, you may wish to renew this registration prior to applying for TRBWA registration through Mutual Recognition to ensure that your registration remains current.

How to apply for registration under Mutual Recognition

To apply for registration under Mutual Recognition, you need to complete Notice of Mutual Recognition form via Teacher Login.

As part of the process, you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration to verify the information you provide and your identity. The Statutory Declaration must be signed before an Authorised Witness. This must be in person and cannot be done remotely. A list of occupations and persons who are authorised to witness your Statutory Declaration is available in the List of Authorised Witnesses.

To avoid delays, please take care when checking the completeness of your application.

There is a registration fee associated with this online form.

This fee is separate to the annual fee that all registered teachers are required to pay each year by 31 March in order to maintain their registration. Please refer to the Schedule of Fees for more information.

Please note, the Mutual Recognition application process does not include a criminal history check. Prior to commencing teaching, please check the employment requirements of your employing authority which may include completing a criminal history check. Contact your prospective employer for more information.