Current holders of Full Registration

​​​​​​Full Registration is a category suitable for teachers who are currently teaching or have recent teaching experience in Australia/New Zealand.

To ensure continuation of your Full Registration, teachers are required to renew their Full Registration every 5 years.

To renew Full Registration, teachers must meet professional learning and professional engagement requirements.

If you hold Full Registration, and are either:

  • unable to meet the requirements for renewal; or
  • not intending to teach for a period of time but wish to retain your registration,

you may consider transitioning to the category of Non-Practising Registration.

Non-Practising Registration allows you to retain teacher registration with the TRBWA indefinitely as long as you are not actively teaching, continue to pay the annual fee and comply with your obligations as a registered teacher.

Once you commence teaching again, your Non-Practising Registration will be valid for 2 years from the first day you return to teaching.

It is then expected that at least 28 days prior to your expiry date, you will make an application to transition to Full Registration. At that time, you are required to demonstrate that you meet the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level.

To apply to transition to Non-Practising Registration (not intending to teach), please complete the Application for Non-Practising Registration - Not Intending to Teach Form (online form) via Teacher Login.