Current holders of Non-Practising Registration

Non-Practising Registration is a category of registration which allows:

  • new applicants to teach, such as:

- teachers from overseas who are new to teaching in Australia/New Zealand.

- returning teachers who have not taught within the last 5 years. 

- graduates of programs that have not been accredited by an Australian or New Zealand teacher regulatory authority.

- those who graduated more than 5 years ago from an accredited ITE program (and have not taught since graduating).

  • registered teachers to continue to teach, such as those who are currently teaching in an educational venue or venues but have not taught for the requisite number of days (within an Australia/New Zealand educational venue) within the last 5 years.
  • registered teachers, working in settings other than educational venues who do not meet the requirement to renew registration, to retain their registration.   

This includes, but is not limited to, holders of teacher registration who work as teacher educators, TAFE lecturers, officers of employer/sector heads (Department of Education, Catholic Education Office, the Association of Independent Schools of WA), officers of education unions or professional associations, education officers based in settings other than schools, or tutors.

  • registered teachers to take a break from teaching whilst retaining their registration in Western Australia.

When you start teaching

When you start teaching during your period of Non-Practising Registration, you must advise the TRBWA by submitting a Notice of Teaching (online form) available via Teacher Login, within 14 days of starting to teach. 

Your Non-Practising Registration will expire 2 years from the day you commenced teaching. Non-Practising Registration may be extended only in extenuating circumstances. 

It is expected that at least 28 days prior to your expiry date, you will make an application to transition to Full Registration.

To transition to Full Registration prior to the expiry of Non-Practising Registration, please complete a Transition to Full Registration (online form) available via Teacher Login.

One of the essential requirements for Full Registration is that the teacher must be able to demonstrate that they have met the Professional Standards for Teachers in Western Australia (Professional Standards) at the Proficient Level.

Meeting the Professional Standards is generally based on an assessment of evidence at the school/workplace level and is verified by a declaration from an appropriate person. The declaration must be against a range of substantive evidence and must demonstrate that all of the Professional Standards have been met.

To meet the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level, it is a requirement that the teacher has taught for a minimum period of 100 days in one or more Western Australian educational venues or other Australian or New Zealand schools in the 5 years prior to application.

The TRBWA does not prescribe the ways in which a teacher is to meet the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level. However, a Transition to Full Registration Guide to Evidencing the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level has been developed by the TRBWA to assist teachers in collecting and assessing evidence to demonstrate that they have met the Professional Standards at the Proficient Level.

For further information please refer to the Professional Standards Policy.

To transition to Full Registration, please complete and submit a Transition to Full Registration eForm via Teacher Login at least 28 days prior to the expiry of your registration.

(Note: a paper copy of the application form is available if required, by contacting the TRBWA)

Once you have completed all sections of your eForm application, uploaded copies of your identity documents and supporting evidence, you may submit your eForm application. You will receive an email acknowledgement from the TRBWA when your application has been successfully submitted. 

To avoid delays, please take care when checking the completeness of your application. 

Transitioning to another category.