Interim disciplinary orders and conditions

Interim disciplinary orders

The Board or a Disciplinary Committee may make one of the following interim disciplinary orders:

  • an order imposing a condition or conditions on the registration of a teacher
  • an order suspending the person's registration.

An interim disciplinary order can only be made if the Board or the disciplinary committee:

  • believes that an activity of a registered teacher involves or will involve a risk of imminent injury or harm to the physical or mental health of any person, or
  • becomes aware that a registered teacher has been charged with a sexual offence involving a child.

An interim disciplinary order must be referred to the State Administrative Tribunal within 14 days.

Conditions imposed by the Board

The Board may impose conditions on the registration of a teacher:

  • when granting or renewing the registration
  • during the currency of the registration.

A condition imposed by the Board may apply indefinitely or for a specified period of time.

A teacher may apply to the Board to have a condition on their registration modified or cancelled.