Annual fee

1. ​​Why do I pay an annual fee?

To teach in schools throughout Australia and New Zealand, teachers must be registered by a relevant teacher registration authority. Arrangements are essentially the same in all jurisdictions, and all registration authorities rely on fees to meet their costs.

Fees associated with teacher registration in WA, including the annual fee are collected in accordance with the Teacher Registration Act 2012 and fund the scheme of registration which is administered by the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA).

By paying the annual fee, you;

  • continue to be registered to teach

  • are eligible to lawfully teach in WA and your registration is recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand

  • are recognised as part of a regulated profession which contributes to community confidence about the suitability of those teachers who are registered to teach

  • contribute to a teacher registration scheme that operates in the best interests of children

  • help support the integrity of your profession so that the TRBWA can take appropriate action through its disciplinary processes against those who do the wrong thing.

2. What do I get for my annual fee?

Refer to What do I get for my fees? for information on how the annual fee is used by the TRBWA.

3. What if I do not pay the annual fee?

If you do not pay the annual fee and have an outstanding balance after the due date, your registration will be cancelled.

4. How much is the annual fee and when is it due?

 An Annual fee is required to be paid by all registered teachers by the end of March each year. This fee covers the period from 1 April of the current year to 31 March of the following year.

All registered teachers will receive an annual fee invoice every February for the full annual fee payment due for the next year of registration.

late payment processing fee will be charged for annual fee payments not made by 31 March but made during April.

If all outstanding fees are not paid by the end of April, the TRBWA will take steps to cancel the teacher's registration.

There are no discounts available on the annual fee.

Information regarding all the TRBWA fees are  listed in the Schedule of Fees.

5. I have already paid an annual fee.  Why have I been invoiced for another annual fee payment?

Teachers are required to pay the annual fee when they are granted teacher registration.

Teachers who are initially granted registration on any date between 1 April to 30 September inclusive are invoiced for the full year of registration.

If a teacher is initially granted registration on any date between 1 October and 31 March inclusive, they will be invoiced for the last half year of registration up to 31 March. For example, if registration is granted on 2 March, a half year annual fee will apply to cover the period of registration from 2 March to 31 March of that year.

The teacher will also be sent a new annual fee invoice in early February for the full annual fee payment for the next year of registration.

Fees associated with teacher registration in WA including the annual fee are collected in accordance with the provisions of the Teacher Registration Act 2012 WA.

6. How is the annual fee different from the renewal fee?

It is important to note that there are separate and distinct obligations to pay the annual fee and to renew registration. Registered teachers are required to pay an annual fee for their teacher registration every year. A renewal of registration fee is only required to be paid when the teacher makes an application to renew their registration before its expiry.

Of course, in some circumstances a teacher's renewal of registration may coincide with payment of the annual fee. The TRBWA will send separate notifications to remind teachers of the need to meet their obligations.

7. How can I show that I have paid my annual fee?  Do I get a receipt?

A paid tax invoice will be available electronically when the annual fee is paid in full.

The paid tax invoice can be accessed at your convenience through Teacher Login under the Finance tab.

The Principal (and their delegates) at your school can confirm you have paid the annual fee by accessing the Teacher Register Information (Professional). Please note, this option is not available for educational venues other than schools.

8. Why is there a late payment fee?

A late payment processing fee is prescribed under the Teacher Registration (General) Regulations 2012.  This fee is used to cover costs of following up on late payments in order to minimise the number of teachers becoming unregistered. Refer to the Schedule of Fees for the current fee.