Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students

Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students

​​The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students (the test) is a single national instrument designed to demonstrate that graduates of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs have personal levels of literacy and numeracy within the top 30 percent of the population.

The introduction of the test is part of a suite of reforms to the scheme of accreditation of ITE programs.

The intention of the test is that new teachers will have been assessed as having the high level personal literacy and numeracy skills required to meet the demands of teaching.

The test has been available since 16 May 2016 and is administered on the Australian Government's behalf, by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

All students who first commence a Western Australian ITE program after 1 January 2017 will be required to pass the test prior to graduation. For ITE students who commenced prior to 1 January 2017, this is not a mandatory requirement in Western Australia.

It should be noted that the test is a program accreditation requirement, not a teacher registration requirement.

Further information on the test is provided by the Australian Government at

Who needs to sit the test?

ITE students who first commence in a Western Australian ITE program from 1 January 2017 will be required to sit and pass the test before graduation.

I commenced an ITE program in Western Australia prior to 1 January 2017. Do I have to sit the test?

No. Students who commenced an ITE program prior to 1 January 2017 are not required to sit the test. However, students may choose to undertake the test if they so wish.

When do I need to sit the test?

For information on how the test will be implemented by respective ITE providers, students should contact the individual institution.

Is the test a requirement for teacher registration with the TRBWA?

Passing the test is not a TRBWA teacher registration requirement. The test is a requirement for the accreditation of ITE programs. Students who have commenced an ITE program since 1 January 2017, delivered by a Western Australian provider will need to pass the test before graduation.​​


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