Professional engagement

It is a requirement for the renewal of teacher registration that a teacher has taught in Australia or New Zealand for a sufficient period of time. It is generally expected that to maintain proficiency as a teacher you are or have been actively engaged in teaching in an educational venue for a reasonable period of time.

As part of the renewal of registration application process you will be asked to declare that you have met the requirements for professional engagement.

Requirements are that you have taught:

  • for 80 days or equivalent if an application for renewal is made between 7/12/2016 and 6/12/2017
  • for 100 days or equivalent if an application for renewal is made after 6/12/2017.

The TRBWA may require that you provide evidence to support your declaration.

Please note, registered teachers holding Full Registration, who at the time of application are working, in education related roles, based in settings other than educational venues, and who have not taught the required minimum number of days since registration was last granted or renewed, will not be eligible to renew Full Registration. Activity undertaken in these roles is not considered to be 'teaching' under the Teacher Registration Act 2012. This therefore applies to, but is not limited to, those registered teachers who work as:

  • teacher educators in universities
  • officers of employer/sector heads (Department of Education, Catholic Education Western Australia, the Association of Independent Schools of WA)
  • TAFE lecturers
  • education officers based in settings other than schools
  • officers of education unions or professional associations
  • tutors
  • home school moderators.

The Professional Engagement Policy outlines the requirements for the renewal of registration.

Last modified: 3/03/2017 2:30 PM