Overseas (international) criminal record checks

​​Overseas (international) criminal record checks required for applications 

Teachers currently registered with the TRBWA are required to provide, with their application, an overseas criminal record check (OCRC) from every country in which they have resided for a cumulative* period of 12 months or more, from 18 years of age, during their current registration period. 

You need to take all reasonable steps to obtain an OCRC.

Overseas criminal record checks as part of a fit and proper assessment

In performing its functions, the TRBWA must regard the best interests of children as the paramount consideration. As such, an essential requirement for registration in Western Australia is that the teacher is deemed a fit and proper person to teach.

As part of the fit and proper assessment, teachers are required to consent to an Australian (national) criminal record check and provide an OCRC from every country they have resided in for over 12 months or more, from 18 years of age, during their current registration period. OCRCs form part of the fit and proper assessment. This aligns with policy in other Australian jurisdictions.

The OCRC must have been issued in the 12 months prior to submitting the application. It must cover the entire time spent in every country from the age of 18 years and include all names by which the teacher has been known by in that country.

Obtaining an overseas criminal record check from our approved service provider fit2work

The TRBWA acknowledges that obtaining an OCRC can be a complex and time consuming process. To assist you in obtaining an OCRC for the purpose of your teacher registration application, the TRBWA has sourced a convenient and efficient online OCRC service. The approved service provider is fit2work.

Please note, OCRCs issued by other private providers will not be accepted by the TRBWA.

You can apply for an OCRC using fit2work's online application process, which can be accessed here. 

fit2work's online application for OCRCs is separate to your teacher registration application. Payment for your OCRC must be made directly to fit2work. You can check on the progress of your OCRC application at any time by logging onto fit2work.

If you have any questions regarding your OCRC application, please contact fit2work on:

Telephone: 1300 525 525

Email: ichc@fit2work.com.au

Once completed, the result of your OCRC will be emailed to you and also provided to the TRBWA. Your fit2work OCRC will be issued in English.

If fit2work can not obtain an overseas criminal record check from a particular country

fit2work offer OCRCs from over 190 countries worldwide. In the event that fit2work do not offer an OCRC for the country you resided in, the TRBWA may accept a statutory declaration. You will need to provide the following details as part of the statutory declaration:

  • the reasons you are not able to obtain the OCRC
  • what steps you took to obtain the OCRC and evidence of this
  • confirm if you have or do not have a criminal record in that country

If you are unable to obtain the required OCRC from fit2work, please contact the TRBWA to request a statutory declaration. Please do not provide your own statutory declaration or obtain one from Australia Post.

​*Cumulative – the total time spent in each individual country within your current period of registration.

Example - If you currently hold Full Registration, which was last renewed in 2012, and you spent 6 months in the UK in 2015 and another 6 months in 2016, the total time spent in the UK would be 12 months within your current registration period. You would, therefore, be required to provide an OCRC from the UK when you apply to renew your registration in 2017.

Last modified: 8/02/2018 9:39 AM