Beware of unsolicited communications

Beware of unsolicited communications

Beware of unsolicited communications

From time to time, you may expect to receive communications from the TRBWA.

This contact will either be in relation to general information (typically by email or SMS) or specifically regarding an application or matter the Board is currently transacting with you (typically by email or telephone).

From a security perspective, it is vital that you are vigilant about the source of communications purporting to be from the TRBWA.

With respect to any matter concerning a current application, requests from the TRBWA for you to provide further information or payment will only be made via email or telephone where it is clearly identified that the request is from a staff member of the TRBWA. You can typically expect only to receive communications of this nature during office hours (ie. Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm).

All emails from the TRBWA will only be sent to an email address currently on TRBWA records, and may be from:

Additionally, you will never be directed to make a payment to a specific bank account or to provide your credit card details to a staff member over the phone. You will always be advised that payment can be made via the TRBWA secure online payment page, using your invoice number and application number.

Should you receive any communications purporting to be from the TRBWA that you consider suspicious, please contact the TRBWA immediately on 92300600.

Last modified: 16/10/2017 11:13 AM