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​​​​​​​​​​The skills required by teachers are becoming ever more complex. Engagement with information and communications technology in all its forms, is a part of the delivery of the curriculum. 

When I began teaching Maths in 1970, logarithms were the means by which complex calculations were solved. After logs, came the slide rule that hung on the chalkboard. After that came calculators of ever increasing sophistication. 

As for computing, I taught my students the programming language BASIC and had them mark cards for an optical reader. My computing lesson was always on Tuesday because the cards were sent to a central processing centre each Wednesday. 

Now as I go into schools and observe the use of interactive whiteboards and tablet technologies, I see how much these devices in the hands of an effective teacher, can enhance learning.

Content has not been forgotten but with such easy access to information comes the need to teach students the skills to evaluate the information critically and not simply accept it because it appears on a website.

It is because of the many skills that teachers must use, that the TRBWA has adopted the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards as the benchmark for Provisional and Full Registration and for the renewal of registration.

Graduates from accredited Initial Teacher Education Programs ​(ITEP), are deemed to have reached the AITSL Graduate Standard. Through its role in the accreditation of  ITEPs the TRBWA is able to assure itself that this is the case. 

So in 2014 through to 2017 the accreditation of these programs will be a significant focus of the Board. Provisional Registration is the first step in a career that will require ongoing engagement in professional learning to ensure that students in Western Australia are well prepared to be learners in the 21st century.

​I look forward to working with teachers in Western Australia to ensure the continuation of a high quality teaching profession of which all Western Australians are very proud.

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