Criminal record checks

A person/teacher must consent to the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) obtaining their criminal history (if any) when applying for:

  • registration as a teacher in any category
  • renewal of their registration
  • change of category of registration.

A criminal record check forms part of the fit and proper assessment requirements of the TRBWA.  It is different to the Working with Children Check.

The TRBWA does not receive any physical copies of the criminal record check and cannot provide a copy to the person concerned.

The TRBWA considers all convictions, including spent convictions, when examining the fitness of a person to be registered.

The TRBWA may also by notice in writing, request a registered teacher to provide written consent to the TRBWA to obtain a criminal record check at any time during the period of registration.

If a registered teacher fails to provide the consent as requested, the TRBWA will cancel their registration, unless the TRBWA accepts that there are exceptional circumstances as to why consent was not provided.

National Police Checking Service (NPCS) Informed Consent Form 

Overseas criminal record checks

All applicants not currently registered with the TRBWA  are required to provide, with their application, a certified copy of an overseas criminal record check from each country they have resided in for a cumulative* period of 12 months or more, during the 10 years prior to making their application for registration.

More information on overseas criminal record checks.

*Cumulative – the total time spent in the country in the past 10 years.

Example - This means that if you spent 6 months in the UK in 2007 and another 6 months in 2012, the total would be 12 months within the past 10 years and you would need to obtain a criminal record check.


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